Organize and Store Your Products with Uniquely Designed Archive Storage Racks

Our team of archive storage specialists at Elite Storage Solutions has been functional with companies all over the world to cater and equip them with the archive storage solutions specifically designed to fit the customer’s needs. For decades, we have led the industry in delivering record storage solutions and archive storage rack systems that help in maximizing storage space in a wide array of industries. When a business is running in high gear, it definitely develops the need for extra storage space. Elite Storage Solutions can offer a variety of specialized archive storage racks and systems to fulfill these needs. This includes, steel shelving, medical and x-ray shelving, shelving mezzanines, rivet shelving, mobile aisle shelving and every other type of pallet racking required in different industries.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a smaller operation, maximizing space is always a major challenge. Rest assured, you can rely on Elite Storage Solutions because we have the supplier relationships and many years of experience of maximizing small space for our archive storage systems.

As Part of our Service

Elite will also conduct site surveys, provide structural and seismic engineering services, provide AutoCAD designs and layout concepts, and assist you with the permitting process or handle it for you. All of these services are done at an affordable price and with a high expediency.

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Structural Pallet Racks – The Elite Storage Solutions Advantage

Manufacturing structural pallet racks is a complex process that involves precise design and implementation. No matter how large or complex the project, Elite Storage Solutions has a solution for every application. Elite’s team of designers and estimators will work with you to determine the best solution that will maximize the available space in your facility.

Great inventory management begins with good storage design

At Elite Storage Systems, we are equipped to offer you the best solutions in terms of quality, service, and pricing. We have a proven track record in designing, manufacturing, and installing drive-in and drive-thru racks, push back racks, carpet racks, pallet flow racks, and more. Each of these rack systems comes with the assurance of quality that is unique to Elite Storage Solutions.

Here’s what makes our structural pallet racks unique:

  • Durability: Ideal for high use applications where long lasting performance is needed.
  • Rigidity: Fully bolted connections yield a stronger more rigid system.
  • Versatility: Elite’s structural pallet racks provide a broad range of design height, depth and load capacity solutions.

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Structural Pallet Racks are Proficient in Industries

Elite Storage Solutions offers smart business methods regarding the innovation and development of various racks and systems. The products offered by us have quality, design acumen and durability. We have earned this respect and reputation because of our excellence in manufacturing process. This functioning has eventually helped us produce quality products that exceed the existing established standards.


The structural pallet racks are welded together and accordingly the beams are installed using the bolts. This allows for intense load bearing capacities that is combined with a host of configurations. For better handling of extended applications or storage requirements that are extremely elevated, Elite Storage Solutions offer powder coated racks too. We highly recommend these products to help you increase the storage or any other space to its full potential.

Structural pallet racks have three prominent factors such as good rigidity, durability and versatility. These attributes are preferred choices of several industries when it comes to storage of lengthy and bulky items. Besides the range of designs, depth, height and load capacity available in these pallet racks, one can select a variety of colors and styles too.

From the extensive list of products that Elite deals with structural cantilever racks is another solution that is best suited for storing Bar Stock, Pipe, Building Materials and Furniture. Cantilever racks are manufactured from long lasting and rigid material like A36 modified structural I-Beam. These storage systems are highly recommended for dealing with objects that are heavy and large in size. Elite Storage Solutions, Inc. indeed has a deep understanding of your storage needs. Visit our website and contact our experts for more information.

Your Trusted Partner for Durable and Efficient Structural Pallet Racks

When leading warehouses and distribution hubs need an end-to-end solution for material storage and handling, they look towards Elite Storage Solutions for an answer.
Our range of structural pallet racks offers you several benefits all at once. For instance, these racks help you store heavy loads, access stored goods easily, save space, and yet make for an economical storage solution. These racks are available in a myriad of channel sizes and bespoke designs. Elite’s design engineers are trained to make the most of every available square inch at your site or facility.

Here’s what sets us apart from our contemporaries:
  • Elite’s structural pallet racks are the last word in durability. The rugged structural beams are designed to withstand daily user abuse. At Elite, we first weld the rack together, and subsequently bolt the beams for enhanced strength.
  • The fully-bolted connections make for a stronger, more rigid storage solution. The continued use of forklifts and pallet jacks can cause damage to your pallet racks over a period of time. But these issues are non-existent when you partner with Elite.
  • We offer an extensive range of bespoke designs in accordance with the floor space and ceiling height at your warehouse or factory. There are multiple options in relation to the design, height, depth and load capacity of your structural pallet racks.
Consider these storage systems to be a one-time investment that can noticeably improve your operating and material handling efficiencies. To know how Elite Storage Solutions can partner with you on your next project, visit us at

Elite’s Cantilever Racks - High Performance and Low Maintenance

Just like everything else on your site or facility, storage systems and racks are an important investment. At Elite Storage Solutions, Inc. we ensure that your storage systems are as rugged and versatile as you want them to be. Those familiar with the operations of a warehouse or construction site will vouch for the fact that long and awkwardly shaped objects are among the most difficult to handle. Our experts highly recommend cantilever racks in such cases.

These racks have a very simple structure that comprises a vertical beam fitted with several horizontal arms along its length. The horizontal arms that extend outward allow unobstructed frontal access while loading or retrieving long objects such as beams, poles, logs, planks, and pipes. We offer specially designed racks that are a result of our deep understanding of the needs of various industries.

In addition to maximizing space, we also lay emphasis on maximizing the value of your investment. By using highest quality powder coated structural cantilever rack manufactured from A36 modified structural I-Beam materials, we guarantee the longevity of your cantilever racks. This is achieved by using a solid column design and a completely welded base design for extra stability.

Elite Storage Solutions, Inc. has earned an enviable reputation for its range of structural pallet racks that are currently in use at hundreds of locations across the US. We were also among the first ones to install high-end archive storage racks for large and small companies, way back in the 1980s.

To learn more about our cantilever racks that provide you a lifetime of indoor or outdoor usage, please visit An Elite representative would be glad to assist you.

Know What Makes Elite the Most Reputable Pallet Rack Manufacturers Today

As companies become more and more concerned about harnessing the maximum potential of their existing storage space, we at Elite Storage Solutions continue our endeavor to provide new-age storage solutions. As leading pallet rack manufacturers with a wide-spanning network across USA, we are abreast of the latest needs of multiple industry sectors.

We offer a host of services that range from structural pallet racks to roll formed racks to archive storage racks to cantilever racks to mezzanines, and much more. In addition to providing a wide variety of racks, Elite also offers a full range of services such as site audits and surveys in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

All these multifarious services are possible thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant equipped with the most modern robotic welding and powder coating technologies. Elite boasts of an equally accomplished design, manufacturing and sales team that is highly receptive to the needs of our clients. Finally, it is our outstanding track record that has generated immense goodwill for our brand. In our capacity as leading pallet rack manufacturers, we offer you more advantages than you can imagine.

So whether it is structural pallet racks for major warehouses or cantilever racks for storing large and awkwardly shaped items, our products are manufactured to withstand extended use. Our archive storage racks for business corporations deserve a special mention here as we have led the industry in delivering archive/document solutions since the 1980s.
When you partner with Elite, you can expect services that are at par—and most likely better—than those of global pallet rack manufacturers. Please visit to discover the widest selection of storage solutions available in USA today.

Elite Storage Solutions: Helping You Maximize Your Storage Space

As industries continue to look for smarter and more efficient ways to store various inventory, we at Elite Storage Solutions, Inc continue to push the envelope. Our meticulously-designed racking systems are designed to meet the challenges of a new age business. With an experienced team of manufacturing experts, designers, engineers and project managers on board, we have been able to proactively respond to the most complex storage requirements.

Our new blog is an attempt to keep our customers and industry stakeholders updated about our services and how they have the potential to increase operational excellence. So, you can expect regular updates, knowledge sharing and expert advice through this blog from now on!
Elite Storage Solutions, Inc has the resources and capabilities to deliver cutting-edge racking systems. Our 350,000sq ft manufacturing plant is equipped with robotic welding and powder paint technology. Our capabilities span a wide range of services such as designing, manufacturing and installing. Moreover, our ‘direct source’ service model combines superior manufacturing with turn-key field services to bring customers the highest value in the industry.

If we were to choose the attributes that set our products apart from those of our contemporaries, it would be durability, rigidity and versatility. These positives are only accentuated by the fact that our products and services are competitively priced.

If you have an inventory storage problem, we are confident that we can offer you a suitable solution. Please visit to browse through our products and services. We encourage you to speak with our sales support team to work out the best solution for you.